Mac Image Editor for Everyday Tasks

PhotoBulk is a handy photo converter for Mac that helps you with image editing tasks. This photo editor has a number of features: you can add watermark, resize photos, and optimize images in a click. Bulk photo rename tool is also included.

Bulk image editor

Take a deeper look at the PhotoBulk functionality:

  • PhotoBulk supports all popular file types for resizing and optimizing images, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. You can fit your photos to the exact pixels or choose the percentage of the original images’ size you want to retain.

  • With PhotoBulk you can rename photos with endless possibilities, you can add digits and any number of zeroes to the names. With PhotoBulk it is easy to give distinctive names to the photos for easier search and location in the future.

  • PhotoBulk is an excellent watermark software for Mac. The app will help you protect images - you can choose a text or image watermark, set the size and opacity of watermarks, use a per-pixel controller to place them on images.

  • The app gives the opportunity to preview images before applying changes. Your original pictures remain untouched so you revert to the them if necessary.

  • PhotoBulk is a compact and easy-to-use bulk image converter. Mac owners will certainly appreciate the minimalistic interface. Just ‘drag-and-drop’ images into the app’s window, choose a required feature and click ‘Start’. Hundreds of photos will be edited in a matter of a minute or two. Save your time and effort with PhotoBulk!


This Photo Editor for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.7 and later. Requires 16.39MB free space, latest version 1.7.0 released 10th Sep, 2015

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