PhotoBulk Lite
Free watermark photo editor

PhotoBulk Lite is a Free version of a popular watermarking app with batch image processing capabilities. It allows you to put Text watermark on any number of photos in a single click. Now you can protect your digital rights in open Internet with an easy and completely free tool in a matter of seconds.
Available for Mac OS 10.10+
Get more image editing options with a powerful PhotoBulk 2
Text Watermark

Protect your images with a unique text watermark

Create your own watermark with a variety of settings: choose Font, its Style, adjust the Opacity and the Color of the text, control angle and position of your logo in a live-preview box.
Choose Font and its Style: Bold, Italic, Underline.
Control Size and Position of your logo.
Set Color and Opacity level of the text.
Rotate and move your watermark for the best fit.
Add watermark to image on Mac

Live view. Live editing.

Conveniently preview images before saving, rotate and resize watermark in real time in the full-size interactive preview box. Evaluate chosen settings on any selected picture for the best result.

Rotate. Scale. Move.

Take full control of the process: preview and edit watermark settings, preview images with added watermarks. Drag or rotate your logos, move watermark beyond the boundaries of a photo if needed.
Text watermark is not enough?

Get more options with PhotoBulk 2!

PhotoBulk 2 is a bulk image editor that lets you add multiple text/image watermarks, resize, optimize, rename and convert hundreds and thousands of images in just one click. As well as control their metadata.

photobulk edit pictures

With wide variety of settings you can create a completely unique personal logo, and also optimize size, dimensions and name of your images for various needs and resources.

"After you’ve adjusted your image parameters, PhotoBulk will do the rest of the work, processing your batch and exporting the images to the location of your choosing."

— Michael Steeber at 9to5Mac

PhotoBulk Lite

This Image Editor for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.10 and later. Requires 13.0 MB free space, latest version 2.3.279. Released 5 May, 2021.